Dear Valued Guests,


We always want to keep you updated on changes that may affect your stay and the services you receive from us. We hope this message finds you well. At Dorwalla Inn & Suites Hotel, our commitment has always been to provide you with the utmost comfort and service during your stay. As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards, we have evaluated our room rates in light of current economic conditions.

Effective from 1st June 2024, we will be adjusting our room rates to better reflect the changing economic landscape. We believe this adjustment is necessary to continue delivering the exceptional quality and service you expect from us.

Here are the new room rates:

  • Standard Room: $100 per night

  • Twin Bedroom: $120 per night

  • Executive Room: Remains at $150 per night

We understand that currency preferences may vary, and we want to ensure your convenience. Therefore, all room rates are also payable in Leones at the equivalent exchange rate.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support. These adjustments will allow us to maintain the high standards you have come to expect from Dorwaila Inn & Suites Hotel.

Thank you for choosing us as your preferred accommodation. We look forward to welcoming you with our renowned warmth and hospitality during your next visit.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our reservations team.

+232-79 12 12 12


Warm regards

General Manager

Dorwaila Inn & Suites Hotel,

12 Dorwaila Avenue, Reservation Area, 

Dorwaila, Kenema, Kenema District

Sierra Leone